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Increase EACH student's academic performance with LEKòL

Increase EACH student's academic performance with LEKòL

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The LEKòL Platform

A data driven educational platform that aims to, improve the way students learn outside of the classroom, provide more technology tools and feedback to help teachers teach more effectively, and provide more educational insights to allow school leaders to make better informed decisions, for an overall better quality education.

The platform allows:

The leadership team of a school

To obtain overview of knowledge transfer within the school, and the ability to easily evaluate aggregate reports over time.
To stay informed at all times of the academic performance of each class.
To identify early on elements that may be impeding a quality education for students at the school.

A Teacher

To evaluate a class understanding of a topic before, during, or after teaching a course.
To differentiate students' individual academic needs, regardless of the number of students.
To automatically correct exams in just a few seconds, and obtain meaningful class statistics on the results.

A Student

To become more proactive in their school journey, and identify their strengths and knowledge gaps to better orient their studies.
To continue to learn beyond the classroom, at anytime, anywhere, with simply the use of a mobile device or a computer.
To actively test their understanding of any given topic from a school's program, and obtain direct feedback from the platform.

"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

Our Services

We offer several services, choose what you want.

  Teaching & Training

We have developed computer programs
that are taught to students
from grades 1 through 12.
We provide computer skills training
to teachers, administrative staff, and industry
certification training
for adults.

  Supervision training evaluation

We train teachers to teach computer programs, supervise and
provide feedback, and evaluate computer courses and student
levels related to a

  IT Support

Our team of specialized IT individuals provide
technical support to schools.
They help identify, diagnose and solve
all technology related

  Technology infrastructure evaluation

To help schools better integrate the use of technology
and teaching of computer skills,
we help evaluate
the technology infrastructure of a school, including
physical environment, energy resources, hardware
and software needs, as well as human

  Private use of LEKòL

We support school
to use the platform privately
for their students, teachers
and leadership team.

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